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    EMAT testing devices for industrial applications, portable for integration in the production process OptiEMAT®  and OptiEMAT® mobil  Read more ...

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    Ultrasonic inspection systems for pipelines OptiSonic Read more ...

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    Deformation & Calibre Measurement DKM150 Read more ...

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OPTIMESS -  Your partner for nondestructive material testing

Powerful ultrasonic flaw detectors, EMAT ultrasonic solutions, portable or integrated in production lines

We offer customer-specific solutions for our industrial customers in the field of ultrasonic inspection systems (Piezo-ultrasound and EMAT).

EMAT ultrasonic technology offers various industrial applications during quality control during and after the production.

For our customers we develop and produce EMAT ultrasonic inspection systems - as a portable solution or for integration in the customer's production line. 
A training as well as customer support are our service after the sale.
Conventional piezo ultrasonic flaw detectors and suitable probes complete our offer.

For the condition assessment of pipelines, e.g. district heating pipes and pipelines in the oil and gas industry, we offer tailor-made ultrasonic inspection tools, whose measuring results are the basis for economic pipe rehabilitation works.


New - OptiEMAT µ - Thickness Gauge

OptiEMAT Thick eng