Sonemat EMAT adapter

EMAT-Adapter Sonemat: EMAT inspections with conventional ultrasoinc flaw detectors

The EMAT Adaptor provides a means for NDT inspectors to benefit from the advantages of non-contact EMAT probes for pulse-echo flaw detection and thickness gauging, without the large capital outlay of replacing existing piezoelectric based flaw inspection systems and thickness/corrosion monitors.




Advantages of EMAT technology:

  • Low maintenance and low preparation times
  • Inspections at high temperatures and without couplant possible
  • Tolerance of surface corrosion and coatings
  • Reduction of operating costs


Examples for industrial applications:

  • Inspections of hot workpieces, e.g. plates and tubes in metallurgy
  • Residual wall thickness determination of metallic pipes in the oil and gas industry
 Ultraschallinspektion mit EMAT-Technologie


Industrial applications

Thickness measurement

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