PhaScan series

PhaScan: Phased Array ultrasonic flaw detectors

PhaScan devices are portable Phased Array ultrasonic flaw detectors and offers various sampling modi for fast and reliable flaw detection. PhaScan flaw detectors are user-friendly and intuitive.

The operator can choose from a set of Phased Array probes, to cover various fields of applications within non-destructive material tests with ultrasound technology.

Wasserdicht  Erschütterungsfrei  Bruchsicher   Staubgeschützt Präzise
Waterproof      Aseismic      Shatter resistant      Dust protected      High precision     





  • two independent channels for TOFD detection, 32/128 pulser / receiver channels for Phased Array
  • Realization of 4 sampling modi: linear, sectoral, depth and static
  • True depth, sound path, projection and focal plane
  • optional display modi: A / S / B / C etc.
  • user-friendly calibration of the probes
  • Parallel sampling is possible, equivalent to simultaneous operation of several devices
  • Negative square-wave emission with a resolution up to 2.5ns, PRF up to 20KHz
  • 10.4" TFT LCD colour touchscreen display, resolution 800 x 600 Pixel


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