Accur series

Accur series: Ultrasonic thickness gauges

The ultrsonic thickness gauges are characterized by high measuring accuracy as well as stability. Accur devices are suitable for application with laminated materials. Perfect applications for thickness measurements with ultrasound are e.g. in the petrochemical industry, power supply or manufacturing industry.




is a simple to use, high accurate and portable ultrasonic thickness gauge.

It measures quickly, non-destructive and precisely with a resolution of 0.01mm / 0.1mm.

Accur-1 devices are used in the manufacturing industry and in the chemical industriy to measure the thickness of various kinds of materials. Apart from the measurement of plates and processing components, whall thickness measurements of pipes, process pipelines and pressure vessels of in production facilities can be realized.



Accur-5 / 7

are portable ultrasonic thickness gauges which are equipped with OLED-display, big data storage and the ability of thickness measurement of coated materials with high measuring accuracy.

Applications are the exact measurement of plates, sheets and components in the manufacturing industry, metal working and chemical industry. Furthermore Accur-5 can be used for wall thickness measurements.

Accur-5 devices are made with A-Scan-function, to avoid incorrect measuring results. The data storage for up to 100,000 measuring values can be sent to a PC via USB-interface.


Function  Accur   
-5PDL / 7
Display Colour display, 2.4" colour OLED, 320 x 240 Pixel, contrast 10.000 : 1      128 x 64 Pixel,
LCD, 42 x 57mm
Measuring range  /
adjustable 0.01mm, 0.1mm Thickness <100mm:
0.01mm or 0.1mm,

Thickness >100mm:
Measuring error  from min. thickness up to 10mm: 0.1mm
from 100mm up to max. thickness: 1% of thickness +0.1mm
from min. thickness up to 10mm:

from 100mm up to max. thickness:
1% of thickness +0.1mm
Display of connection  white numbers: connected, green numbers: not connected       Display of connection tag 
Sound velocity in materials 500 - 999m/s (0.0197 - 0.3937inch/microsec)       1000 - 9999m/s
Working principle  Transmitter = Receiver with dual probe       Pulse-Echo and Echo-Echo
with dual probe
V-Path automatically automatically
PRF (Pulse Repetition 
adjustable, 4Hz, 8Hz, 16Hz      4Hz
Alarm settings Minimum and maximum-Alarm: 0.5mm - 500mm.
Alarm display with colour changes or dynamic waves 
Max- und Minwert, bei
Wert außer Toleranz -
Measurement units mm or inch       mm or inch
Operating time approx. 40h       approx. 40h
Batteries 2 x 1.5V, AA       2 x 1.5V, AA
Switch-off modi always ON or automaticall OFF after 5, 10, 20min without operation      automatically OFF after 5min
without operation
Operating temperatures -10°C up to +50°C       -10°C up to +60°C
Dimensions 153mm x 76mm x 37mm (H x W x D)       149mm x 73mm x 32mm
(H x W x D)
Weight 280g with batteries     280g with batteries
Language Chinese, English, Japanese, French, German       English, Chinese
Standard probe DT-05 Dual probe (5MHz)       DT-05 Dual probe (5MHz)
further available probes no no no no DT-10,
DT-02, DT-10
through paint and coatings
measurement (Echo-Echo-
no no no yes yes yes 3mm up to 18mm
A-Scan live no yes yes no yes yes no
Time based B-Scan  no yes yes no yes yes no
Adjustable gain no no no no yes yes no
Min / Max Capture yes yes yes no yes yes only minimum
Diff. display  
(Value and %)
yes yes yes no yes yes no
Data Logger no no yes no no yes yes
Data Logger capacity     400 files each
252 val.
    400 files each
252 val.
500 values in 5 files
PC-Software for
data display
no  no no no no yes optional
Interface no no USB 2.0 no no USB 2.0 RS232 (optional)

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