OPTIMESS Location in Gera, Germany

The city Gera has around 100,000 inhabitants and is the thirdlargest city of Thuringia, a province in the middle of Germany. Gera´s location near the German freeways A4 and A9  and the short distance to the city Jena, Thuringia´s city with the famous university, are good preconditions for setting up new manufacturing companies in one of the business parks.

Since the German Federal Garden Show in 2007 in Gera, the city has become to a tourist destination. Visit Gera, it is worth it definitely.

Our company´s location is in the south of the city Gera, in the industrial park Keplerstrasse.


OPTIMESS Engineering GmbH
Gewerbepark Keplerstr. 6-8
D-07549 Gera

Phone +49 365 4319459
Fax +49 365 4319458

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