Since the 1990s OPTIMESS has developed products and solutions for non-destructive material testing. In addition to conventional piezo ultrasonic flaw detectors, UT probes and Phased Array flaw test equipment, we also offer our customers tailor-made applications in the field of ultrasonic testing technology. 

For our customers we develop and produce EMAT ultrasonic inspection systems (based on EMAT and conventional ultrasound).

EMAT offers various industrial applications. We deliver tailor-made products as portable devices or integrated systems (OptiEMAT), e.g. for the production of longitudinal seam welded pipes, wind engines, rail vehicles, ...

The ultrasonic inspection tools OptiSonic, equipped with special ultrasonic immersion probes, are used for the condition assessment of pipes as precondition for reliable and economic pipe rehabilitation works, e.g. for district heating pipes and pipelines of the oil and gas industry.

Our cooperation with Technical Universities is valuable for the development and continuous improvement of our ultrasonic testing systems.

Since 2015 OPTIMESS has been a member of the DGZfP (German Society for Non-Destructive Testing).