EMAT testing devices

EMAT Testing devices

EMAT Ultrasonic technology: What is EMAT?, Features and Advantages

What is an EMAT?

EMAT means Electromagnetic Acoustic Transducer. It is a magnet, a wire, an air gap and a metal surface.

  • like an eddy current probe
  • Transmission of a sound wave:
    A current J in the wire induces an eddy current I in the
    metal surface across the air gap G. The eddy current I
    + magnetic field cause a force F to launch a sound wave
    in the metal surface.
  • Receiving a sound wave: A sound wave moves the
    surface in the magnetic field to generate an eddy
    current that induces a current J in the wire
EMAT Prinzip


Features and advantages of an EMAT ultrasonic inspection

EMAT enjoys all the benefits of conventional ultrasonic inspection plus other particular advantages.

Ultrasound is generated in the part which is inspected.

1. Dry inspection - No couplant

  • Easy to automate and integrate in production
  • No couplant induced errors
  • High inspection speeds (up to 60 m/s)
  • Capable of high and sub-zero temperatures

2. Insensitive to surface conditions

  • Capable of inspecting rough, dirty (oily / wet), oxidized or uneven surfaces

3. Easy probe deployment

  • No signal variations from probe to probe
  • Small changes in probe angle do not affect results (e.g. part curvature)

4. Unique wave modes

  • Capable of generating horizontally polarized shear wave energy
  • Highly efficient for guided waves due to frequency selectivity



EMAT Testing devices


Logo OptiEmat

Portable or for the integration in the production process

Powerbox ICO

Powerbox H

The portable EMAT testing device

EMAT Adapter Sonemat

EMAT adapter Sonemat

Allows EMAT inspections with conventional ultrasonic flaw detectors

EMAT Sensoren

EMAT probes


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