OptiEMAT mobil

OptiEMAT mobil   

The portable EMAT testing device


OptiEMAT® mobil is the portable test device for quality control and maintenance. It is applicable on all electrically conducting materials.
Integrated digital converter and wide-band channels enable a large range of industrial applications.

Tone burst with frequencies in a kHz and Mhz range are generated and create various wave modi, like surface waves, lamb waves and shear waves.
The data analysis of OptiEMAT® mobil is done via an integrated computer module.

All probes from our EMAT probe catalog can be used with OptiEMAT® mobil.


  • Channels: 1
  • Frequency range: 250kHz - 3MHz
  • PRF: up to 1kHz
  • Analysis software
  • 10"-Touch-colour display
  • Dimensions & weight: 30cm x 24cm x 6cm, approx. 1.5kg


Industrial applications

Thickness measurement     Weld inspection for pipes     Crack detection    
Thickness measurement Weld inspection
for pipes
Crack detection


Weld inspection of blank sheets     Surface inspection     Corrosion inspection    
Weld inspection
blank sheets
Surface inspection Corrosion inspection