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Portable or for integration in the production process


OptiEMAT® is the test device for noncontact ultrasonic inspections (EMAT) at electrically conducting materials.
Integrated digital converter and wide-band channels enable a large range of industrial applications.

Tone burst with frequencies in a kHz and Mhz range are generated and create various wave modi, like surface waves, lamb waves and shear waves.

The data analysis of OptiEMAT® is done via connection to an external computer.
All probes from our EMAT probe catalog can be used with OptiEMAT®.


  • Channels: 1, 2, 4, 6
  • Band width: 250kHz - 3MHz
  • PRF: up to 1kHz
  • Computer software: grafical and analyzing software
  • Dimensions & weight: 47cm x 32cm x 16cm, approx. 5kg


Industrial applications

Dickenmessung     Schweißnahtprüfung für Rohr     Rissprüfung    
Thickness measurement    Weld inspection for pipes    Crack detection


Schweißnahtprüfung dünner Bleche     Oberflächenprüfung     Korrosionsprüfung    
Weld inspection for 
blank sheets
Surface inspection Corrosion inspection